It has been a while since i have taken a break from Second Life performances. I have been working incredibly hard for the past few months to save money for the Second Life Community Convention and to get the CD replicated and professionally packaged. This has been a difficult task, but one of course that I absolutely love….tho’ it has really taken its toll on me.

The CD is done…it is a compilation of live recordings that Alex Whitmore mixed and mastered a few of the tracks. It is again a very raw CD, much like the previous release, Living Stories. But this time I’m spending the extra money to have 1000 copies replicated and thanks to Dave Spencer for working on the graphics for me.
So, I am walking away from Second Life for a few days and traveling to the piedmont of South Carolina to spend some much needed time with my grandmother. If I can get a connection on the farm, I will log in and collect offline messages or you can reach me via Yahoo IM: cylindrian

Ah…the farm…summertime…my children….my grandma…I need this. You all have a great week and I’ll see ya’ on Friday, post-rest.