Here I am supposedly selected from audition mp3s sent in back in early March 2007 to perform at the Second Life Community Convention, supposedly to perform for a discount in registration but at the expense of airfare, transportation, food, and lodging along with long-time SL musicians, Frogg Marlowe and Jaycatt Nico, including Liam Roark on bass and Kyle Beltran on percussion. Six weeks before we are due to perform, for “exposure”, after airline tickets are booked with no refunds or penalized for exchanges, after hotel rooms are reserved, after going broke trying to record and get published a new cd in order to hopefully sign and sell to resident fans of my music, I and the other musicians and panelists involved are given a “contract” to sign.

The following links are a wealth of information on the subject.

Slim Warrior’s Blog on the subject expresses the frustration most eloquantly and the responses from the community are amazing!

Barney Boomslang’s Blog about this subject is quite an interesting read.

I have received no documentation regarding a re-written contract. This causes me great concern.