Special thanks are in order for the following Second Life residents that worked very hard to make this show a success:

Andrea Humphrey of Soho/Podshow Island

Thor Eldrich for his camera work and video blogging on BlogTV

RamessesIII Pharoah for filming and broadcasting on his Video Stream to the multiple sims

Seph Swain for opening up Magrathea

Dixie Starr for putting the video on at the Hidden Talents Carnival for Relay for Life

Audri Chabrow for working the Merch Table at the Royal Bean and running the video camera

Freestar and Kwai Tammas for coming out to support me at the Royal Bean

The other SL resident that was there with his wife, your name has flown out of my brain…sorry.

If I have left anyone out of these Thank You’s, please accept my apology and know you were vital to this concerts’ success.

Thank you to all the residents that tuned in and enjoyed the show. I love the SL Audience.

Thank you everyone for making this a memorable performance.

See you at the next one:

July 6th: 8-10pmEDT
Caribou Coffee House
*at The Avenue Webb Ginn House Rd*
Lawrenceville, GA
**This show will be broadcast via the World Wide Web by following this link: Listen to the Audio Performance LIVE
Or come to the virtual show in Second Life by following this Link: Ratepoint Cafe