All I can say is…Thank you so much to Capos Calderwood (in the real world known as Alex Whitmore)!! This man is taking my .wav files and creating a full and clean sound for the new CD. The “River” is flowing full speed ahead and I cannot wait for the floodgates to open!!!

I am so proud of the songs in this new project!

Special thanks to Spence Wilder (Dave Spencer) for his hard work on taking my ideas for the design layout and making it professional and COOL!!!! Dave takes my ideas and turns them up to 11!

My hope is to have this completed and ready to push to the marketplace by any means possible come July. There are a few other pet projects going on as well that I cannot wait to see…Ahmad Hosho is working on a “cute cylindrian”…and just wait till you see this…its precious!!! Thor Eldrich and Chill Moksung…thank you for believing in me and the music that comes from my soul…you both are instrumental in pushing me to finish this and thank you for the arse kicking. 😉

I’ll write more when I have more to write about.

Peace all