May 21st: SeaWolf Park Island Music Theatre on Galveston Isle 1pmSLT/4pmEDT

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May 21st: Coke Pavilion/Virtual Thirst Concert 3pmSLT/6pmEDT

May 22nd: The Blarney Stone in Dublin in SL 4pmSLT/7pmEDT

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May 23rd: My regular Wednesday night broadcast on Galveston is cancelled for this night only. To return next Wednesday. I’ll be enjoying a live concert of Laura Veirs this night.

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May 25th: Ratepoint Cafe 4pmSLT/7pmEDT

May 26th: VibEstival Festival at The Vibe 2pmSLT/5pmEDT

May 26th: The Beacon Hotel 3pmSLT/6pmEDT

May 27th: Avilion Isle 12:30pmSLT/3:30pmEDT