Back in 2005 I met Jim Mahoney at an open mic at Spondivits in Cumming, GA. It was that night that he mentioned a singer/songwriter named Patty Griffin. I’d never heard of her. He told me I needed to pick up her demo-turned Debut cd, Living With Ghosts. I promptly did just that and my life has never been the same.

This woman’s voice and grinding guitar style has penetrated deep into my southern red-headed roots…and I am blown away by her. Tonight, after dinner with my daughter and a rain soaked slippery walk to Barnes and Noble Bookstore, I picked up Patty’s new CD, Children Running Through. I had been reading an article in American Songwriter about her new CD and I knew I just had to have it. The article talked about how she was redefining midlife crisis…she’s “trying to look away from the misery” and she’s never gonna stop rockin’.

I am STILL weeping after listening to it. I can’t stop. It’s the good kind of weeping that comes after an amazing experience and your emotions are all tangled and the only way your body can respond to them is to weep. (it’s a girl thang, fella’s) It amazes me how songwriters can just evoke this kind of emotion from a word set to a melody. This is how I long for my music to be. Simple, yet powerful…subtle, yet in your face loud…personal and intimate, yet broad in spectrum. I cannot keep my voice from singing tonight nor my fingers from playing piano…I HAVE TO WRITE TONIGHT!! This is what her album has done for me this evening. Thank you Patty Griffin…you are my inspiration.