Last night at Jittery Joe’s was a great event. My hope is that those inworld enjoyed it as much as those in the real world did. I just wanted to say thank you to Filthy Fluno of Artropolis for assisting me and for allowing me to perform at Artropolis, to Dolmere Talamasca for setting up the stream at The Shelter in Exile, to Spence Wilder for sharing the stage and giving me a break to visit with some old high school buddies of mine I haven’t seen in years, to Cessee Hedges for posting the pictures of the real show into Second Life, and to Gerrit Van Vranken for his percussion work for the evening as it helped to fill out the sound for us.

To the management and staff of Jittery Joe’s for providing us with an endless flow of caffeine and panini’s. 😉

Next month, I will be performing from the same venue with a different name, Java Junkie Creamery…so join us there on April 14th. Second Life location to be announced.

Here a Picture from the RL show…enjoy. 🙂

Here is a link also to some SL photos that were taken by Pathfinder Linden when he visited the show