…the most beautifully crafted custom guitar I have EVER seen in Second Life is being created right now by Nomasha Syaka for me…He is by far the most talented builder I have seen…just wait til you see it!! Nomasha Syaka…remember that name!! Desmond Shang of Caledon introduced me to this talented person a few weeks ago when I wandered onto his sims…and I believe it was an incredible gift to me…Nomasha has gone to great lengths to craft a guitar that is exquisite…and true to my actual guitar. With matching up the wood grain and creating a label on the inside even to taking the time to work with me on the correct color and texture on my guitar’s tuning pegs. Oh, I am so excited to reveal this beautiful piece of artwork that my avatar will have the honor of playing. I’ll let you know when it comes ready and the concert in which it will be presented for the first time….I cannot wait to get my pixellated hands on this high quality instrument…now THIS will be my most prized possession in my SL Inventory.