…to everyone who wished me a speedy recovery from Bronchitis. Yes, it was so great to be able to perform this weekend. Saturday was a whirlwind with 2 shows scheduled in the same day, but after having over a week off it went quite well. I was quite beat afterwards…but thoroughly enjoyed going to see Uncle Seth perform live from a venue in Toronto Canada. It sure was a lot of fun dancing with Dolmere, the skeleton king…we haven’t hung out in a while, so that was really cool…Dolmere and friends, Mera Pixel, Coal Nelson, Reina Quine, and others help Travis Lambert with The Shelter in Exile where they provide entertainment and instruction for new SL residents. A very nice group of people, I must say. Recently they have begun hosting Live Music Events on Thursdays at 5pmSLT…check the listings, Melvin Took is scheduled to play this Thursday. YAY!!!

Sunday was the day of the Command Performance at the lovely Queen May’s Grande Ballroom. Myself, Jeff Tully, and JueL Resistance played music for Her Majesty. It was so delightful. Artwork was displayed by none other than, Cainin Griffith, who I believe is fast becoming a common entry in this blog…I do believe he’s following me…should I be paranoid? He’s helping a mutual friend re-build a castle and village…this should be really interesting. Thanks to Cessee for the loan on the dress…I felt so pertiful. *sniff* and yes…no pictures…i forgot…AGAIN!! grrr…why do I always forget to take pictures…sure would make my blogger more interesting.

Check the schedule page for an update on shows for this week.

Thanks again for all of you who came out Saturday for Dan Doyle’s Open House…that was soooooooo much fun…and I only crashed…ONCE…whooohooooooooooo!!!