Last nights’ musical adventures began at 4pmSLT over at The RoC in Music City where Charles Coleman played a 30 minute set of his fabulous covers…was there an original slipped in there as well?? 😉 Charles is such a nice guy and he has created a great website for The RoC that is still currently under construction. He also has a wonderful style of guitar playing and I thoroughly enjoy hearing his interpretations of other people’s songs.

At 4:30pmSLT the beautiful, talented, and agellic, Mel Cheeky, took the stage….it was Nekkie Night and her avatar was exactly THAT…completely nekkie…save for a guitar of course. Mel has written over 36 original songs and she played one I’d never heard before last night called, Denial, and WOW…it was absolutely STUNNING. Her voice is very haunting and hangs over the picking and strumming of the guitar…very ethereal…just gorgeous. AND…she’s from Wales which makes her voice THAT much better because of the accent. Mel’s songs are extremely touching and make the listener feel like they are simply having a conversation with her…I just love her music. ***Mel is playing tonight (Wed 5pmSLT) at The Shelter in Exile…Read her interview with Dolmere Talamasca***

At 5pmSLT, still at The RoC in Music City, 1ofthesedays rust, took the stage and played some songs that he’s never played before after being challenged by Charles. “Lofty” as he’s known in SL, truly is an incredible guitar picker and is just so relaxed when playing. He’s jamming in his house and those who listen really get that same feeling…like we are all there in the living room with him. It’s great!! I haven’t been able to see Lofty play in a long time so this was a real treat for me. I’m so glad that I was able to make it out there to hear him again.

All donations during these performances were given to Habitat for Humanity for whom they are trying to raise $1,000 for. From what Mel said they are really close to raising that amount.

At 5:30pmSLT I zipped over to the Free Music Venue that SeanMcPherson Senior set up for musicians to use as an overflow venue for packed out performances or to do sound checks for gigs or impromptu concerts. This is what happened last night…Ronnie Carr gave a concert that lasted about an hour…Cainin Griffith, who has artwork on display at the venue, went to help Ronnie get set up and then we proceeded to teleport in folks to come hear Ronnie. He can really do a good Sinead….he covers a lot of songs and his originals are very well written and quite catchy. I hope that he’ll soon begin to find his niche in SL as well. It’s great to see people up and coming.

7pmSLT rolled around and I got word that Melvin Took was playing at Plush Gardens….i think that was the name…so, myself and others from the Ronnie gig zipped over to hear Melvin, Peter Greenstone as most of us know him by his real name. He was really just getting into the gig when sweet Jeska Linden had to send up the notice that they were taking down the grid. I was really disappointed because I had not been able to hear Peter in a long time. We used to play together every Tuesday at Sunset Music Pavillion, but as in RL…things change. It was great to hear him for the time that I was able to last night.

So, that was my night catching up on some music that I just haven’t been able to. There are so many musicians in SL and I find myself so torn as to where to go, what to do, what do I NEED to be doing….its really difficult. I know that my fellow musicians understand how difficult it is to be in more than one place at a time and still have time to take care of the things you HAVE to. I do try to be very supportive of my fellow performers…I appreciate all of them in their various styles and personalities…What an incredible place SL is…that all forms of music and art are so well displayed together. I find myself overwhelmed at the complexities and the various nuances that make up the SL Art and Music scene…and if I’m not able to come by and see you for a while, please, IM me…don’t feel like I’m not caring or anything…I’m just off soaking in all the beauty that I find all over the place in SL and get caught up in the moment.

Have a great day everyone who reads this. 🙂 And check your Live Music Events listing to see who is playing tonight and every night.