Last night after the show at The Shelter in Exile, I went back to my campfire to talk with Mokey Mokusei about the Veterans Day Simulcast Benefit that was held last Saturday on Menorca for an article in SLBusiness Magazine. That interview went a little bit longer than either of us had expected, but we had such a good time talking. I was late to JueL’s show over at Dreamland, but thankfully, JueL got started a little late so I was able to hear “Rooftop”…and her new song that she wrote after being inspired by Ricardo Sprocket. (I keep wanting to refer to Spacely Sprockets…whenever I read his name)

The night before I had participated with JueL and Ricardo on an impromptu relay jam on Angel of Montgomery…where I was the lead stream, JueL picked me up and broadcasted myself and herself to Ricardo who picked us both up and broadcasted himself and us together to the parcel…my goodness…did you get all that??? Anyhow…there were a handful of folks there listening and it was great to have Lecktor in the group as well…trying to get him outta his cacoon and immersed into the music scene to find his muse again. It was a lot of fun listening to the jam later…it is so complicated to rehearse when you can’t hear everyone at the same time…we have to figure out how to do it without so much delay. 😉

After JueL’s show I decided to go exploring. I had read the M2 earlier in the day and came across another ad for Caledon…so I did a quick search and popped over there to Caledon Moor where I was kindly greeted by two ladies in Victorian dress and speech. I was standing there with two fish swimming around my head, my skates, and sucking on a fish-shaped lollipop. Not really very Victorian of me. I spoke with the ladies and eventually asked about events and if they ever had Live Music there. The Baroness (i’ll insert name later as its completely slipped my brain at the moment) told me that I should speak to Desmond as he is the owner of Caledon. So, I did a search, IM’d the gentleman and unexpectadly…I got a VERY quick response. It was remarkable!! He tp’d myself and the Baroness where we met him Coyote (can never spell last names…sorry…I’ll insert that later too…man, this blogging stuff is hard) By the end of the evening, I’ve been made an Aristocrat by Desmond, purchased some Victorian clothes, am planning a Victorian Christmas Carols Concert on Caledon in December, and met a new Instrument Designer in SL AND was given a harmonica!! Caledon…is a really COOL place…can’t wait to explore it some more with my fish.

Now how come I can NEVER REMEMBER MY CAMERA??!!