Moopf Murray, a kind soul from the UK who makes vending machines, ice skates, the coolest roller skates EVER, and bubble-gum….is NOW mixed up in the “copybot witch hunt” because the person distributing copybot is doing so from a Moopf Murray Venopf Vending Machine that Moopf created. Moopf is in NO WAY distributing copybot, but he is being blamed for it because his vending machine was used.

Here are links to his blogs, please read, and know that this insanity is over mis-information…read the previous post about the Hooplah…I updated it moments ago after reading a post Cory Edo made on Second Citizen. Now he runs the risk of losing his business in SL because of this garbage.  He’s worked long and hard and created some incredible items and done great services in scripting/animation/tech stuffs…let’s not allow HIS business to be a casualty of CopyBot Madness.

Please you guys…STOP THE MOOPF-ness!!!! LEAVE MOOPF ALONE!!!

Moopf Murray Blog 11/14

Moopf Murray Blog 11/15