Monday morning I had the priviledge of playing a sim opening for ING. Alas, again I neglected to take pictures DURING the show…it is difficult for one to take pictures whilst playing an instrument and singing…nonetheless, I would’ve loved to have pictures of all the INGnoobies that joined me on the stage. It was GREAT fun to watch all these dutch people fly around, try out rockets, bump into things, sit at my stage and play piano, put on strange shapes, dance on tables, and attempt to build.

I remember my first days in Second Life, I didn’t even attempt building…let alone terraforming, but apparently people were terraforming the land and throwing prims all over the place. I was most amused by the men running around in string bikini’s. The laiason’s from RiversRunRed were working tirelessly to teach the many new SL’rs how to build, how to work and modify their avatar, and how to drive motorized vehicles in the metaverse.

I for one do not know exactly HOW this could be of use to them in the banking industry, but there MUST be some correlation that I, a lowly musician, am just not privvy to. I’ll leave that in the hands of the big business heads…and I’ll just sit back and enjoy the entertainment.

Following are some photo’s that I took after my performance was over…the SIM was MOST impressive. I loved the buildings…as I am a coinnesseur of architecture, sculpture, and things I find pretty…which is one reason I appreciate the creativity in Second Life so much.Paradise Popinjay played later on in the day and WOW…what an INCREDIBLE piano player/entertainer he is. I just LOVE this guy!!!  As you can see from this picture…so did the avatars. 😉