So the latest drama to hit SL is this idea of the CopyBot and sims and stores and venues are shutting down all over the place and already planning litigation…its fascinating…andI honestly don’t have a clear and concise position on it. The music industry has been dealing with the rip-off of music for a long time, so its nothing new. That is why we have copyright laws and when I record a track, the date and time is saved within the program…and I pay the dues to get my items copyrighted.I found this site that explains the intent of the CopyBot…so read on and form your own opinion…its all very fascinating.

CopyBot by libSL

Some interesting articles and opinions:

Barney Boomslang

Know what your rights are:

SL Terms of Service

SL’s Digital Millennium Copyright Act

It’s pandemonium and the end of the world as we know it. Honestly…at first its chaos…but if people take the time to step back and not buy into all the hype and mass hysteria…goodness…just settle down and read folks!! I went to plenty of demonstrations yesterday and it seemed like it was a witch hunt or like people so eager to FIGHT for something they’ll grab a sign and fight for ANYTHING even if they don’t understand it. I don’t get it y’all…there’s a lot about this that goes WAY over my head and I’m a normal enough person to admit that. But I did find these articles interesting and as long as we are familiar with the laws of the land…settle down and get informed and don’t just believe hype and rumor. Women and men were executed in Salem for hype and rumor…let’s not let SL go the same way.

**Just found this while perusing as well… “My evening with Copybot”