…to the Veterans who serve and those who have served…it takes men and women of courage, discipline, selflessness, and pride to do the kinds of things you all do and have done. Many of us will never know what its like to have been in battle, to have lost a loved one, to have to live with scars of service…it takes a special sort of person to be a soldier, an Armed Serviceman…and I lift you all up in the highest of honor…to all those who read this who have served in a military…I applaud you, I thank you and I hope you know that your service/sacrifice is greatly appreciated.

…to EVERYONE who gave so generously last night at the Benefit Concert for TAPS: Tragedy Assistance Program for Survivors. Your generosity is so appreciated!! THANK YOU!!

…to the following SL locations: Menorca (for hosting the benefit event last night) and The Elbow Room and Phreak Radio HeadQuarters (for streaming in the concert and allowing the donation sign to be placed at your locations)

…to Station Manager, Lecktor Hannibal, for being patient with me, for running the broadcast, doing all the behind the scenes audio stuff’s that need to be done in the show…man…you work long and hard for these shows and i appreciate it so much.

…to Slim Warrior for allowing us to use Menorca and to Melvin Took (Peter Greenstone) for the beautiful placement of the donation signs and rugs and cushions and lighting at the venue.

…to the CRMST: Haroldthe Burrell, Cate Baker, Grace Hemingway (G2), SeanMacpherson Senior, Sonya Saarinen, Maldrul (i always forget the last name for you man…sorry) Maldrul too cool for a last name, Phoenix Psaltery, and Cessee Hedges…thank you so much all of you for your hard work in teleporting people after the multi-crashes, for relaying messages, for always being so supportive…you guys helped generate the majority of these funds…because of your hard work in communication….thank you so much!!

…to Cainin Griffith for the ribbons and armbands and Phoenix Psaltery for the graphics on the signs and helping me with the Ads in the Metaverse Messenger and Mod Faulkner for getting the candle hold animation done for the candles on such short notice.

All of you were crucial to the success of last nights Honor Our Veterans Benefit Concert!! It was, in my opinion, a HUGE success for TAPS. I am so proud to announce that because of the show we hit a grand total of 100,000L raised for the organization. That converted to $357.40 USD…plus the donations from the Joe’s location brings us to almost $400.00. I will be getting the funding to TAPS tomorrow morning. Thank you all so much for giving to this incredible organization. Please, do not forget to visit their website, http://www.taps.org , and read about all they do for the families of fallen servicemen and women.