...the town hall that i actually was able to attend for the first time within Second Life. i went in really not knowing what to expect. i arrived early and was seated next to a gentleman wearing a cat on his head and clicking away on a really cool lookin’ laptop. i am ashamed to admit that i’ve been a resident in SL since january and thursdays meeting was the first i made…unfortunately, i am one of those people that sits back and doesn’t get involved until situations personally effect me.

the indie music community is taking a bit of a hit recently with the announcement of the increase in island fees. with the removal of traffic/dwell businesses in SL that at one time had been able to make at least a little bit of income from the company for building a venue and providing entertainment of some sort that people want to go to, are finding themselves either going out of business or having to drastically change the way they do things.

when i play in bars/restaurants around town in RL, we have to remind patrons to tip their waitstaff and bartenders, because they provide us all with a service…that is how i view venues in SL…they are the waitstaff and bartenders…they provide a great place in which i get the opportunity to play music and hopefully market some of my wares. indie musicians are having to come up with more ingenius ways of being heard, hence Second Life, but we also need to keep in mind that its not all about the money…its about building a fanbase, entertaining people, spreading your “message” if you have one, having fun, and maybe…selling some cd’s in the process. i do however believe that musicians and artists should be compensated in some form for the wear and tear on their body..and the time put in for preparing music…etc.

so, venue’s in SL are feeling the need to start charging a cover charge for regular nightly gigs. this i disagree with completely. i would only charge a cover for large planned sponsored events…such as the jonathon coulton concert…or duran duran…or a woodstock-ish type of music festival…something that is coordinated and planned and advertised. only then would i find charging a cover appropriate.

hmm…as you can see..i am no writer..because i forgot my point to this post…my observations about the town hall meeting was this…only a few got to speak, because of lag and the sheer amount of avatars present…one resident mentioned using some other form of media to communicate more effectively and to more people…as musicians we know the limitations of sims to hold our fans at some times…that’s why i have friends who’ve donated land to use as an “overflow” venue for SL musicians. if we could fit more people in to spaces then we could reach more folks with our music, our business, maybe communicate better…yadda yadda.zoomed in on linden group

oh..am i off track again..this is why i don’t blog…

focus, cyl…focus….

apparently questions were not really answered, which is what i had been told to expect…but i can honestly understand why they weren’t answered…because people are so inflamed about changes in SL that would they really listen to answers to begin with or do they jsut want to vent? people want to be heard…but we have to listen to what the answers are too. SL is a business….yes, its a business built by communities…but all businesses want to grow and there are changes that MUST be made. these changes may anger us…but honestly, it gives us the opportunity to change our way of thinking too and adapt. humans are built for adaptation…we may not like it…but we do it.

SL is no different, in my opinion. we have to be open to change…tho’ it may stink…we have to be open to it. how boring if life and second life always remained exactly the same. hang on to those things you enjoy…but branch out too…try new things…change…don’t be afraid of change.

Musicians and Artists…support your venues!! Work with them to come up with a plan on how both can benefit. there is a group that touts the “keep music free” slogan…it should be for certain events…and the one way to do that is to encourage support of our venues.

so these i suppose are more random thoughts than any organized bloggy blogger stuff…sorry y’all…writing ain’t my thang…please feel free to comment you guys…i love reading those…any thoughts…oh, and if someone could tell me what program Taco referred too at the meeting i would be greatly appreciative. thank you…now…where’s my ritalin?