Last night…WOW…what a night!! I had the priviledge of listening to an incredible blues singer/guitar player last night. HOLY MOLY!! Jimmyt49 Dukes made his Debut on the SL music scene last night and left a crowd of close to or over 60 avatars (as i handed out the broadcast URL to folks who couldn’t make it into the Sim as it was full at 50 but for some reason squeezed in 55)….AMAZED,MESMERIZED,DROOLING, and as some women have a tendency to do…SWOONING. 

This man left me speechless! I thoroughly enjoyed listening to him and his lovely wife, both of whom played and sang on another chat program that I used to use to market music before being introduced to Second Life by Neil Morrison, Russell Eponym, Mel Cheeky, and Phishy Noodle. *plug plug plug…all of whom are INCREDIBLE musicians, Russell and Neil are a part of a band called, Spinning Mules, which are Extraordinary and have been heard in SL before.*

where was i…Yes, Jimmyt49 Dukes…add this man to your MUST SEE lists!! He was outstanding!! His voice was incredible and his guitar picking skills phenom…when I grow up…I wanna play like this guy. So, there it is…OH…and being as distracted as I was by the music, I failed to get any Photo’s from Last Nights Shows. Could someone please post some if you took them? Thank you so much!!

Have a blessed day!!