Alas…I am a dullard!!  So, I attempted to create SLurl links to the venues within Second Life that I am performing in on the Schedules Page…they worked yesterday and today, they actually take me to REAL LIFE places.  I have learned that there really IS a city called Kokomo and there is a Bourton Village in the UK…wow…i did not know that.

So, here is what I need…I need a Rubio-esque Instruction Manual on how to create a link from this site to inworld activities. *i just read his entry on how to make pickles on his bloggy blog* If someone, can please help me with that…I do not understand the workings of HTML. *sniff*  

Here is what I did so maybe it will help to make it more obvious what my error is: 

  1. i typed the location name into my blog
  2. i highlighted the text
  3. with text highlighted i clicked on the *hyperlink* symbol in the editor window
  4. i typed in the following into the link portion: secondlife://location/x/y/z
  5. i selected save
  6. before leaving the window i hit CTRL-click on mouse and it took me to automatically launch SL.  *i teared up i was so happy that it appeared to work. any techie success i have i am thrilled by…now one day i’ll understand recursive algorithms*
  7. once that was complete, i selected *publish*  and thought all was well with the world
  8. upon logging into the actual page tho’…and selecting the highlighted linky portion…it took me directly to a REAL LIFE website.

Any further assistance would be greatly appreciated.  Thank you sooooooooo much.  😀