WARNING: this post is going to be sappy…hence the addtional category aptly entitled…”sappy” if you are opposed to sappy, then please DO NOT READ THIS!! if sappy is not a threat to your psyche…then by all means read on.

second life has been such an incredible journey for me…i started off with a group of people that migrated from another chat program where we met in music rooms and played many songs together. i started off your average SL height of 7 feet tall…before settling in at a comfortable 6 foot….now i stand at 5’6″…my hair has gone through a number of changes as has my skin….i love having freckles and now green hair with the option to change at any given moment.

i am not aversed to change. in fact, i quite thrive in it. diversity and spontaneity are two of my muses…along with the outdoors, water, movies, and stories. one thing that i love about my profession (if you want to call it that…i call it a party a music staff) is that music is a tie that binds. i am a very shy person…but i’ve found that music is a way in which people relate to one another….it is such a personal thing.  i am not comfortable in a crowd of people…i find myself either sitting off silently or typing stupid crap hoping maybe one time i might be able to interject something of relevance into the conversation…but…my saving grace is this…private conversation.

it is in these moments where i find myself enthralled by people that are longing to be heard. to be REALLY listened to. it is in these moments that i get completely lost and only then do i remember that i’m in the middle of a group…just standing and not saying anything out loud…oops…how rude of me. i do love to talk…mind you…i’m very chatty as many of you know, but…you also may notice that its generally in a more one on one situation. ..but those are the perfect settings for…

…stories…i love stories…to hear about peoples lives, their struggles, their successes, and subsequent failures. i have them…my SL/RL history is pock-marked with successes, mistakes, burnt bridges, rejection, but most of all…understanding and acceptance. in SL, i have met some of the most amazing people, musicians, artists, writers, doctors, teachers, rebels, technical genius’ who’s form of creativity is WAY over my realm of comprehension..tho’ i do TRY, believe me…i do. what an amazing world we have here. i find myself every day blown away by the new things, new people, new artists, coming in to second life. i can’t keep up. but my favourite moments are those when sitting by my virtual campfire with a friend, just listening…as they remove their virtual mask for just a moment to allow me to see a tiny glimpse into a part of their life. i love that. second life has bridged a gap for me…one that this shy person never dreamed to even step on…let alone walk across.

i just wanted to say thank you, to those of you who have blessed me with your friendship…your time…your appreciation…your understanding…your forgiveness (cause i mess up a lot)…your acceptance….your patience…and your support.

life is an incredible journey…thank you for sharing your journey with me in some way.

*you have now reached the end of the sappiness…after a few moist towellettes, you should be free of the sap and may go about your day. thank you*