….walking down the street…get the funniest looks from….everyone she meets…..HEY HEY…It’s Cylindrian!!! And people say she monkey’s around….but she’s too busy singing….to put anybody down…..SHE’S JUST TRYING TO BE FRIENDLY!!! COME AND WATCH HER SING AND PLAY…WE”RE THE 30 SOMETHING GENERATION…AND THIS IS WHAT WE SAY!!!!!!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>RAWK!!!

Boo Howdy Ya’ll, this is my new blog site that is going to be dedicated to the Second Life Experience of this singing veggie. I hope that i’ll be able to keep up with it all. You will notice some links to Second Life Musicians’ Websites, a Calender, (which i hope to have SL’URLS put into if i can figure out how) Links to some of my SL Friends’ Blog Sites and various points of interest.

I love the music community in Second Life and am excited at the explosion of artists coming in. I do hope we can maintain a strong sense of community even though it is growing daily.

I’ll write more soon. Be Blessed. ~cyl~