grace buford
Grace Buford

Not only am I a professional musician and private music instructor, I am also a recent graduate from DeVry University and interested in doing some freelance web & graphic design work at the Jr. Designer level. I really enjoy using the Adobe Creative Suite 5 Software and seek to improve my skills in the programs. I graduated with honors from DeVry University where I received an Associates Degree in Applied Science Web Graphic Design. With the skills I have acquired through my course of study, I believe I would be a valuable team player for any company seeking to employ new graduates.

I thoroughly enjoy teaching music to students and performing, but I am looking to expand my creative horizons by putting my degree to good use. If you’re interested in learning about my music, feel free to read the excerpt below regarding my stage name, Cylindrian Rutabaga along with my three solo self released albums.

Cylindrian Rutabaga

Cylindrian is the virtual representation of Atlanta Singer/Songwriter, Grace Buford, who has been writing songs and performing in Second Life and the regional Southeastern United States with her unique blend of folk, pop, blues, and soul wrapped up into the phrase of Modern Acoustic Folk. Grace’s desire is to emotionally reach and enrich peoples lives through her music around the world one listener at a time.

To Buy Grace’s Music, please stop by the store page for links to purchase music.


30 thoughts on “About”

  1. Grace! With a blog! Hooooooray! Can’t wait to see tidbits about ya 😀

  2. I love that Misfits shirt. When are we going to hear a Misfits cover?

  3. on tuesday…i’m workin’ on one for the Halloween concert at The Blarney Stone on Dublin. Halloween 1pmSLT. 😀

  4. Gracie Grace.. love your blog..red heads Rock!

  5. Thanks for the Blog roll Add Silly-n-drain 🙂
    Sorry I missed your IM

  6. Hey everyone!

    http://www.moetownproductions.com is now open along with the store. I’m sad I won’t be seeing you all for another two months as I’m playing on the cruiseship, so take care and I hope all is well!

    Check out the store in-world at Bali Hai. Cylindrian is featured with a few other artists. If you’re interested in having your music site linked in the store, contact Bethany Heart of Echo Seigo.

    Take care everyone!

    – Moe –


  8. ooooo a mystery guest at 4pm!!! I wonder if he will be wearing a paper bag over his head, HAHAHA Any of you old enough to remember the unknown comic from the Gong Show?

  9. Jennette Forager said:

    Wonderful Grace…caught you at Muse Island and loved the show. Please join me toyour group so I’ll get notices….

  10. What can I say? a blog by a lady that crashes sims on a whim and cleans up cat puke while skyping with. Lyndon is right-redheads rock, GA redheads rock harder!

    PS-Juel if your looking over here-shut up and quit giggling! 🙂

  11. Don’t forget, meanwhile she’s on the phone with me, while calling her kids, and CHILL I”M HERE!! haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa always telln me to shu-p then you wonder when i don’t answer you!

  12. It’s GRACE BIRTHDAY ON SAT!!!!!!!!!!!!
    happy bird day to ewe!!!!!!

  13. Cate Baker said:

    Hey Baby Gurl,

    Now you are veteran traveler…write a song about
    airports! Let Juel show the freedom of being
    on your own and drinking something besides off brand
    Mountain Dew! Maw says…be wild and free!
    Wish I could hear the two of you singing and laughing
    and having crazy fun.

    Love and hugs,

    Your SL Maw

  14. Cylindrian,

    I am an SL Live acoustic singer/songwriter and live in Raleigh, NC. I can’t wait to hear ya’ll on Feb 10th. I was wondering if you have an extra half hour of time for me to do a set? If not, I’ll still love to come hear everyone play in person. You can hear me in game every Saturday and Sunday at 5pmSLT. You can also hear my stuff on http://www.myspace.com/shiger.

    Shiger Seattle

  15. Jordana Dixon said:

    hey cylindrian,
    great concert on second life so far, enjoy it a lot, thanks for your music 😉


  16. Love your new song!

  17. WOOOOO! I made it to yas blog!

  18. Just heard her show in SL and I’m blown away. Sweetest, most expressive voice since Eva Cassidy. Add me to the growing list of fans.

  19. Cyrcyulyon Pidgeon said:

    Hi Lovely woman,
    Enjoyed your concert last night, the 8th. You were great, as usual.
    Love your naturalness, your giggles, your voice. See you on 10th @ Jittery Joe’s.
    Love, Pidge

  20. Jasmine Usher aka TeeBee said:

    I have no words other than I am moved by the beauty of your music! Thank you for being here!

  21. Hey… get ahold of me Sometime…. We still haven’t practiced together yet

  22. Pompeja Rossini said:

    Dear amazing Grace
    Thank you for the great Music you share with us.It takes me back home everytime I hear it.

  23. Miguel Nykvist said:

    I just had to stop by and drop my 2€ cent… heheh…. i Love your voice… reminds me a bit of Tori Amos, someone i used to hear a looong time ago, and now thru SL i rediscover the wonderful peace and feelings a voice like yours is able to “Grace” our ears with…

    I just have an itsy bitsy complaint….. i’m in Europe… so i can’t attend as many live shows as i’d like to…
    whish you could perform live around the clock….. :s hehehe… kidding 🙂

    Thank you


  24. I heard you at a club (sl) a couple of weeks ago and enjoyed your music. Now today I got a group notice informing me that you were performing in Roswell. Such a small world. I am about 1.5 hours southwest of you. Unfortunately my work schedule conflicts prevent me from seeing you live in person, or live in sl.

  25. Grace rules. Grace rocks. Grace is amazing.


  26. very interesting, but I don’t agree with you

  27. Oh, and did not know about it. Thanks for the information …

  28. Thank you so much for adding Second Life Africa as a ‘benefit’ on your website. We appreciate it very much. I adore your music.

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